Dragos D. Margineantu

Senior Scientist
Boeing Research & Technology

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  • ICML 2011
  • AAAI-11

  • DARPA IPTO's Bootstrapped Learning

  • Machine Learning Journal Special Issue on Machine Learning Algorithms for Event Detection (Machine Learning: Vol 79:3, June 2010)

  • ICML-2010 Workshop on Budgeted Learning
  • NIPS*2006 Workshop on Testing of Deployable Learning & Decision Systems
  • ICML-2006 Workshop on Machine Learning Algorithms for Surveillance and Event Detection
  • KDD-2005 Workshop on Data Mining Methods for Anomaly Detection
  • Cost-Sensitive Learning Resources
  • Some other Machine Learning Resources

  • Personal interests
  • On scientists and science (collected by V.Lifschitz)

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