...some Machine Learning Resources

o The Journal of Machine Learning Research - The ML online journal.
o The The Machine Learning Journal (from Kluwer Academic Publishers)
o Machine Learning Reading Group page at Oregon State
o UC Irvine ML Group (incl. ML Database Repository)
o David Aha's ML Resources page
o The Center for Biological and Computational Learning (CBCL) at MIT
o Carnegie Mellon RL Group
o The Data Mining Advisor (metaL)
o Online ML Resources (OFAI Vienna, Austria)
o MLnet - Online Information Services
o StatLib from CMU
o The Kernel Methods page
o Technical Reports ftp Site at CMU
o Machine Learning Reading Group page at Oregon State
o Leo Breiman's page at Berkeley
o Tom Dietterich's page at Oregon State
o Pedro Domingos' page at UWashington
o Yoav Freund's page at Columbia
o Jerome Friedman's page at Stanford
o Nir Friedman's page
o Geoffrey Hinton's page
o L.P.Kaelbling's page at MIT
o Ron Kohavi's page
o Daphne Koller's page at Stanford
o Radford Neal's page at Toronto
o Foster Provost's page at NYU
o Robert Schapire's page at Princeton
o Sebastian Thrun's page at CMU
o J.R. Quinlan's page at UNSW
o Peter Turney's page (includes the cost-sensitive learning archive)

Dragos Margineantu, 2002.