A workshop in conjunction with NIPS-2004,
Vancouver & Whistler, British Columbia, December 2004

Recent years have seen only very little effort dedicated to developing princlpled approaches for (1) assessing the goodness of complex systems that contain learned components, (2) estimating the quality of the outputs of learned models in the context of the actual problem that needs to be addressed, (3) assessing online learning methods, (4) evaluating learning methods employed in safety-critical tasks, and for (5) understanding the tradeoffs between robustness and risk in making complex decisions.

The main goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers and users of learning and adaptive systems, and to create a forum for discussing recent advances in verification, validation, and testing of learning systems, to understand better the practical requirements for developing and deploying learning systems, and to inspire research on principled methods and techniques for verification, validation, and testing.

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